Requirements of General education courses taken
Credit requirement Please refer to Required Courses List of each department for details
Matters related to the courses taken
  1. General Education Courses were divided into six domains-- Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Civilization & Classics, Leadership and Ethics, Issue-oriented.
  2. In principle, random numbering on the system decides the placement in who gets what with General Education courses. You can prioritize 7 choices in each domain at course registration but eventually will be allowed two courses every semester at most in the 4 blues core domains. The school urges you to drop your placed GE courses that are in conflict with your other courses or the ones you are not really interested in, so as not to impair the chances of other students and make it difficult for yourself when adding in the long run.
  3. The course title of any GE courses should under no circumstances be identical with any course offered by your department. Please double check as you are solely responsible for any possible negligence
  4. Courses with the same title that appears in different domains are considered to be the same course.
  5. Students are forbidden to take courses under the same title repeatedly. (For example, Logic 1, Logic 2 and Logic 3 are one same course).
  6. 2-in-1 courses (by definition, joint courses by GE consent offered both in your department and General Education Center under the same name) cannot be repeatedly taken.
  7. General Education courses are immersive and approachable for registration together with your departmental courses.
  8. The instructor is entitled to drop the absentees in the first week.
  9. Unless the instructor agrees to sign you in after the school starts, prior to that, any under-table swapping seats among classes is not acceptable—even with the instructor’s signature.
  10. Please check at all times during course drop-and-add.
  11. Multidisciplinary Learning Courses (the former Common Electives) do not belong to General Education Courses.
Application form specification
  1. Download the Application Form for Special Manual Add: Students not getting in any GE courses after the online registration expires can download and fill this form (depending on vacancies to date) with your term schedule to date (with credit numbers) and place them at General Education Center (C209) before 4 pm.
  2. Special Manual Add for Multidisciplinary Learning Courses (the former Common Optional Courses): For students under semester credits minimum--16 for the freshmen, sophomores and juniors; 9 for seniors and above, please apply for the manual add at General Education Center (C209) on the planned date with your term schedule printed before 12 at noon.
  3. Students interested in the Multidisciplinary Learning Courses could apply at the website of General Education Center before 4:00 pm on the planned date for manual add.
  4. Exchange Student Application Form for Recognition of General Education Credits: International exchange students wishing to apply for recognition of General Education credits should provide the syllabuses of completed courses (the originals and translation), transcript and the Form to General Education Center.