Requirements of General education courses taken
Credit requirement The admitted students of the academic year 2012 and before must take 11 credits hours of the General Education. The ones of the academic year 2013 must take 14 credits. (Please consult the Required Course Credit of each department for the detailed regulation of the credits.)
Fields of study Four domains in total, which are the Humanity (the former Humanities), the Natural (the former Natural Sciences and Life Science), the Social (the former Social Sciences and Management), and the readi
Means of study It is required to select three among four domains.
Matters related to the courses taken
  1. The General Education Courses have been divided into four domains since the academic year 2012. The admitted students of the academic year 2011 are required to select courses from at least three among the four domains.
  2. The admitted students of the academic year 2010 and before remain to select the courses from at least three among the five domains (Humanity, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Science and Management).
  3. Since the academic year 2012, the Natural Domain comprice the former Life Science and the former Management Course were included the Social Domain in the new system. For the students applicable for the old regulations who select the courses from these two domains, please contact the General Education Center to apply for the Domain Changing Certification when you need to modify the domain approval. For example, if you select the Natural Domain courses in the academic year 2012, and there were some courses used to be the Life Science formerly (Please compare with the courses of the academic year 2011), you can apply to modify them as the Life Science. The Social Domain courses can be modified as the Management Subjects as well.
  4. In principle, the placement admission of the General Education courses from four domains is in random regardless of the domains. Each student can select two courses online every semester at most. The school appeals the students to drop the courses that are conflict, unable to study or out of interest in advance so as not to impair the chances of course selection of others and lead to the difficulty of course taken.
  5. “General Education Academic Lectures” is two credits hours course. The keynote speeches covering the five domains, Humanity, Social, Management, Natural and Life, and the discussion, will be held once or twice semester. The credits of this course could be used to transfer with any credits to any of the five domains, according to the nature of the speech topics.
  6. The selected courses should not be identical with the required, optional or the studies courses of the department, or the credits will be denied. Please contact the General Education Center if you have any question.
  7. Students are forbidden to select the courses with the same title and different class repeatedly. (For example, Logic 1, Logic 2 and Logic 3 belong to one identical course.)
  8. The both-hung courses are the courses with the same title, which are forbidden to be studied repeatedly.
  9. The course selection of the General Education courses can be managed as an integral whole regardless of the departments (could be selected mutually).
  10. The instructors are authorized to drop the students forcibly who are absent at the first class of the semester.
  11. Changing class due to the schedule conflict, exchanging classes privately by the students, and the course adding by the signing of the instructors are unacceptable. (The courses needed to contact the instructor for adding after the school beginning are not included.)
  12. Please check the situation of the course selection at all times in the duration of adding and dropping.
  13. The Multidisciplinary Learning Courses are (the former Optional Courses) do not accepted as the credits of the General Education.
Application form specification