THU General Education

Outside  A Tunghai Education is a General Education or so called a Liberal Education. It has been significantly emphasizing by colleges and universities of Taiwan at the present time. It also has been concerned as quite important part among American and Japanese higher education.

   General education has been advocated since Tunghai University was founded in 1955 as a leader.  In April 6th 1956, at the 4th Annual School Assembly Meeting, President Tseng Yue-Nung proclaimed that「the goal of our education and basic policy would be General Education, hoping that all faculties would fully support and study it 」.

   The resolution of the 6th Annual School Assembly Meeting(January 11th 1957) established the rational concept of General Education firmly, that is,「the kind of learning is not only heightens students’ awareness of the nature、society and the worlds they inhabit; It makes them more perspective of the world around them, and more able to inform themselves about the issues that arise in their lives, personally, professionally, and socially---to help students building up the basic understanding of our culture, an education conducted as a interrelated of topical relevance and vocational utility.」. After the approval of Education Ministry, General Education has begun in the school year of 1956.  Further more, in our school song it says that 「labor physically and labor mentally are equally important, and a well- educated person and a well-trained professional are both needed」, therefore, General Education has became a characteristics of Tunghai University in the early stages.


   To coordinate with the policy amended by the Education Ministry on the compulsory requirements of universities through out the nation in 1992. Therefore, under the auspice and support of the Education Ministry through「The Humanities and Social Science Education Improvement Project」in 1993, Tunghai University has begun to do substantial progress and established the「General Education Center」in Feb.2, 1994 which has fully responded general education curriculum ever since.

   In May 26th 1995, since the compulsory requirements violated Article 11 were interpreted by the Justice of Constitutional Court as unconstitutional, and suggested it is abolished. In order to make students to broaden their views and understanding how everything that we teach in the arts and sciences relates to their lives and to the world that they will confront; then at the 108th Academic Meeting passed the resolution of general requirements of Tunghai University, and decided that beside the core courses such as Chinese, Foreign Languages, Information education, History and Civics, all students are required to take 11 credits within five major fields: Humanities, Natural Science, Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Management; and these 11 credits must cover at least three different fields out of the above five. The「General Requirements & General Education Center」takes the responsibility of conducting General education curriculum development and implementation.

   Through these years of evaluation and improvement then the principle of General Education has been settled as:

  1. General education and Professional education are compatible.
  2. The design and plan of General education are to follow in proper sequence and make gradual progress.
  3. All the faculties and students are to put General education courses in practice as Goals of education.
  4. Acknowledge the entire university that the General Education would be the characteristics and inheritance of Tunghai tradition.